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3d走势图带连线专业版了before the screening of horn please documentary film, we needed to launch its official website, and create a buzz about the project in local community. since this project is all about hand-painted trucks of india, the medium we had to choose to promote the website needed to do justice to the nature of the art form.

3d走势图带连线专业版了so we chose the 34th street wall in gainesville. this 1000-foot-long wall is usually seen with some random graffiti and personal messages painted by students and citizens of the local community. the wall, when we saw it, was all messed up chaotic and unattractive. so we decided to take up a portion of it, and paint it with a simple yet vibrant design announcing the launch of the website.

“Saw it this morning on my bike ride to work. It JUMPS!”3d走势图带连线专业版了 — Charles Hobson.

“Saw this today and smiled!”3d走势图带连线专业版了 — Anna Calluori Holcombe


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    3d走势图带连线专业版了just love that!! 🙂

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